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Craft in motion

(re)generate the movement

Encouraged to reinterpret past knowledge and look to the ancient ways of making glass from a new perspective, we focused on the hypnotizing movements of melted glass in the hands of glassblowers. The ways of passing down knowledge have changed much in the past centuries. You rarely find apprentices in a workshop learning a craft from a very young age lately. That’s precisely the way glassblowing has been learned since the craft was invented. Young apprentices would rehearse using the blowing pipe, rotating it at all times, to prevent the hot glass to fall on the floor. 

We wanted to give an experience for people, especially those who have never experienced glassblowing, that feels like making glass in a hot shop. We are discovering different sensations involved in glassmaking and want to create a playful, game-like situation to engage to glassblowing and connect with each other safely in this time of social distancing. A knowledge of craft is something that can be lost in time, and it is important to keep the tradition moving from one generation to another. We want to bring this concept forward in a concrete, dynamic way by evoking the rotative movement of the glassblowing pipe.

Glass and metal. 2020. 

Designed Taísa Helena and Johanna Tarkiainen.

Produced by Slate Grove

Photographs by Anne Kinnunen

Project created on the Glass Challenge 2020 - Aalto University

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