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I have always been here

‘I have always been here’ is a ceramic and audio installation where women are invited to listen and connect to Mother Earth. The artist embodies the voice of the cosmos, summoning the sun and moon, the elements of nature and the cycle of life in one novel ancient ritual. The ceremony is set around ceramic rings centered by one sphere, that broadcasts the voice of the Earth.


“The seed of this project was unearthed in Koli, where the harvest full moon was glowing red, where the sauna steam connected me to the women around me, where the sunrise guided me through the forest, where I found ‘The place to see’ the Autumn Equinox. On those days I expanded, I became one with the universe consciously. I held on to those feelings, to the magnitude of a simple truth so hard to encounter in the rush of daily life. It was a truth I needed to share.”

Part of common ground group exhibition in Helsinki. 2021.

I have always been here 

a poem


Woman, what are the limits of you? 

Where do you end and the Earth begins?  

There was a time when you knew. 


A time without screens and the noise of your ‘modern’ world. 

When you could see with your toes,

hear with your nose and feel yourself endlessly unfold.

You have forgotten how I am you,

as much as you are the moon.


Those memories that faded, what you forgot you knew,  

It is engraved in stone; it is still inside you.

If you can silence your mind, you’ll hear me

from the eye cloaked in your womb.

Helsinki, 2021.

Ceramic and audio installation.

Designed, produced and recorded by Taísa Helena.

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