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Rites of time, memory and ceremony

Tea Infuser-Brooch Jewelry Piece

This piece is a token of time, memory and ceremony. As an infuser, it's the main tool for our own tea ceremony, a personal ritual that reconnects us with who we essentially are. As a brooch, it becomes part of our daily act of getting dressed, an amulet we wear to keep us connected to that moment provided by porcelain, tea and jewelry.

Final Project - Specialization in Jewelry Design

Minas Gerais State University - Brazil

Designed and produced by Taísa Helena.

Belo Horizonte, 2016.


Art Direction: Hudson Girundi e William Girundi
Script: Taisa Helena
Voice: Cissa Ribeiro
Actress: Luiza Fainblat
Video: Hudson Girundi e William Girundi
Music: This Place was a shelter / Ólafur Arnalds

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