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To be in Aalto University is to experience both the enlargement and overlapping of one's personal space. The international tone of the university is embedded with the flavors of Finnish culture, where silence is both the bridge and the space between two people. Crossing this soundless field is an attempt to create a connection. To start a dialogue, disrupting the stillness of silence is necessary. is a set of liquid serving and sharing containers that were created by translating these concepts into the production process. The body is built by a Clay 3D printer, extruded on the machine's own pace and will. As it gains height and form, the pleasantly steady wall is invaded in a single spot, creating a disturbance that resonates through the rest of it's printing process. The intrusive handle, casted from plaster molds and placed by a human hand, carries the hesitatingly attempt to start a dialogue. One between two very different processes and stories, as different as two people encountered in the halls of this University may be. This venture is now transported into a set of mugs that invite, both by form and function, humans willing to break the stillness of silence and make a connection over a cup of coffee.

Exhibited in bloom collective exhibition in Lokal, Helsinki.

Porcelain. 2021. 

Designed and produced by Taísa Helena.

Project developed for Aalto Shop.

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